Cultural service


The missions of the cultural affairs service of a Cameroonian Embassy abroad are, among others, the supervision of Cameroonian students enrolled in its area of competence and the revitalisation of academic and cultural cooperation between the universities of Cameroon and those of the said area. To fulfil its missions, the Cultural Service, under the supervision of the Ambassador, carries out the following activities

  • Academic follow-up of students;
  • The relocation of students and trainees;
  • Follow-up of the associative life of Cameroonians living in the Embassy’s area of competence;
  • The follow-up of the relations between the universities, the research and cultural circles of the zone of competence and those of Cameroon;
  • Information for German students who wish to go to Cameroon and for Cameroonian students who want to go to or are already living in Germany;
  • Information for visitors to Cameroon.

For any other information, please contact the cultural service of the Embassy by e-mail: culture(a)
or the following form:

Ulmenallee 32
14050 Berlin

Opening hours:
Monday – Wednesday
11:00 – 12:30

Tel: + 49 30 89 06 809 0
Fax: + 49 30 89 00 57 49
E-mail: culture(a)

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