A word from the Ambassador


I would like to welcome you all to the official website of the Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Cameroon and Germany are countries linked by history. They have maintained diplomatic relations since 23 November 1960.

Since then, friendship and cooperation ties that unite our two countries have continued to improve and strengthen every day. These ties must be maintained, especially in this difficult period of pandemic where virtual communication has become indispensable.

Through this website, you will find information on the economic, cultural and tourist potential of Cameroon. Its ambition is to provide all friends of our country who wish to visit, as tourists, partners or investors, with accurate and regularly updated information on the rich tourist attractions and the many incentives or business opportunities available in Cameroon.
This website also aims at establishing direct communication links between the Embassy and our compatriots, to bring us closer, by providing them with useful and reliable information in real time on its diplomatic, cultural and consular activities, and by giving all the necessary indications for the establishment of administrative documents issued by the Embassy.

My staff will do their best to provide a quality service to users who request the Embassy of Cameroon in Berlin.
I wish to recall the missions of the Embassy of Cameroon in Germany and in the different countries of its jurisdiction (Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia), namely:

     ✔  to represent Cameroon in these countries,

     ✔  to inform the Cameroonian Government on their political, economic, social and cultural developments …,

     ✔  to negotiate agreements and conventions between Cameroon and the said countries,

     ✔  to follow and defend the interests of Cameroonians living in these countries.
Within the framework of this last mission, actions are envisaged in the short, medium and long term to improve the quality of service and the reception capacity of the Embassy to better serve you.

I undertake to meet with you whenever I have the opportunity, subject of course to the evolution of the corona virus pandemic, in order to exchange with each of you as necessary, so that we can work in synergy to find solutions to your various requests.
In return, I urge you to promote dialogue, fraternity, tolerance, in other words, living together and patriotism which have always characterized Cameroon and Cameroonians.

The Embassy being our common home in Germany, it must therefore benefit from the attention of all of us through cleanliness, discipline within it, respect for others and facilities as well as conviviality.

Your suggestions and criticisms will always be welcomed by the Embassy staff. I am convinced that they will contribute to making this website an ever more efficient instrument, which will meet your expectations and improve the quality of the services provided by the Embassy.

Pleasant browsing!

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