On May 14, 2024, starting at 2 p.m. at the Embassy of Cameroon in Berlin, an important consultation meeting brought together Dr. ENOW Abrams EGBE, President of the Electoral Board, in the presence of H.E. NDOCKI Victor, Ambassador of Cameroon in Germany, and stakeholders involved in the electoral registration process.

In addition to some collaborators of the Ambassador, the following individuals were present:

    • Madame ESSI Arlette Michèle, Messrs. MBEBI Raymond and HAYATOU, members of the ELECAM delegation, who arrived in Berlin on May 9, 2024, to provide training for users of registration kits.
    • Mr. NDO MINLA’A Richard and Mr. SEIGN Didier, respectively the focal point and representative of the administration within the commission.

    • Madame DAKNOU KAMGA Guilène Flore, Messrs. Alain NDJOCK (CPDM), MANJUOH KWONWI Gerald (SDF), NGASSI NJUKWA Wilfried and Ronald TEGUIA (CRM), MENGA AYINDA NDONGO Maurice and NGUINKAL Julien Alban (CPNR), WAFO Narcisse (UPSR), representatives or delegates of political parties designated within the commission.

The discussions took place in a relaxed atmosphere, allowing representatives of political parties to raise all their concerns, which were appropriately addressed by the President of the Electoral Board, who reassured everyone about the quality of the process.

The focal point and representatives of political parties were therefore invited to jointly develop a schedule for the registration process, which will be communicated without delay.

The meeting ended with a meal offered by the Embassy of Cameroon in Berlin, during which discussions continued in a friendly atmosphere. 

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