At the invitation of the municipal authorities of the city of Ulm, His Excellency Mr. NDOCKI Victor, Ambassador of Cameroon to Germany led a delegation made up of some of his collaborators, including the Cultural Counsellor, to the inauguration this Friday, October 7, 2022, of the DOUALA-MANGA-BELL SQUARE in Ulm in the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg.

A delegation from Cameroon accompanied His Majesty Jean Yves EBOUMBOU DOUALLA BELL. It was made up of the following traditional authorities:

  • His Majesty MAHOUVE Gaelle, Superior Chief of Batanga Lohove (Kribi) ;
  • His Majesty ELUFA MANGA Williams, Paramount Chief of Limbe;
  • His Majesty EDIMO Martin, Paramount Chief of Wouri-Bwele Township and Vice-President of NGONDO.

The Honorable SOPPO TOUTE Marlyse and Chief Bangoua, His Majesty DJAMPOU TCHATCHOUANG Anick Julio also attended the ceremony.

Other members of the BELL family also travelled from Ulm.

This highly symbolic historical ceremony is the culmination of a long process of claim initiated by the Cameroonian diaspora in Germany, headed by Mr. Jean-Pierre Félix-EYOUM, great nephew of King DUALA MANGA BELL.

On the German side, the ceremony was attended by, among others

  • Mr Gunter CZISCH, Mayor of the city of Ulm;
  • Mrs Marion GENTGES, Minister of Justice and Immigration of the State of Baden-Württemberg;
  • Mr Martin RIVOIR, municipal councillor of the city of Ulm.

The Cameroonian Diaspora, which came in large numbers from the four corners of Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium and elsewhere, enlivened the event with their songs, including the commemorative song dedicated to our illustrious ancestor “TET’EKOMBO”. The celebration ended in the evening with a cultural programme animated by the performances of the children of the multicultural diaspora.

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