Create, Innovate, Entrepreneur” in French is “Créer, Innover, Entreprendre” 

This is the theme chosen by the International Organization of La Francophonie to celebrate the International Day of La Francophonie in the year 2024 around the world. 

La Francophonie is a network of countries, peoples, and cultures sharing the French language. It’s also a space conducive to exchanges, the promotion and dissemination of its members’ cultures, mutual enrichment, and the intensification of cultural and technical cooperation among them in a shared linguistic space. 

In this context, the Embassy of Cameroon in Berlin, represented by its Ambassador, His Excellency Mr. Victor NDOCKI, naturally took part in the grand celebration of Francophonie, held this Saturday, March 20, 2024, in Berlin. This year’s event was organized by the Embassies of France and the Republic of Congo, co-presidents of the Year of Francophonie in Germany, along with the French Center of Berlin and the House of Francophonies of Berlin. 

The program of the Francophonie celebration was colorful with many attractions offered: concerts, films, performances, readings, shows, workshops, and above all, the discovery of the diversity of Francophonies in a “world tour of French-speaking and Francophile countries”, with Cameroon being an essential stop. 

At the “Cameroon stand”, highly popular and lively, Francophones, Francophiles, and citizens of Berlin and beyond had the opportunity to discover the richness and specificities of Cameroon through the presentation of beautiful books, classics, and successful novels of Cameroonian Francophone literature, as well as through its crafts and various transformed products from its agro-food industry. After participating in the protocol ceremony, to which the Ambassadors of the co-organizing countries had invited their counterparts, His Excellency Mr. Victor NDOCKI visited the various stands of the participating countries before settling in the Cameroon stand.

The numerous visitors were thus able to exchange, share, discuss, and leave with new knowledge and a new experience about Cameroon. The journey through the riches of this country ended with the tasting of Cameroonian cuisine delicacies.

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