On Saturday 12 November 2022, the HUMBOLDT Museum in Berlin was the scene of an unforgettable event for the NSO people of the BUI department in Cameroon.
It was the historic meeting between the Goddess NGONNSO and the FON of the NSO,
who came especially from Cameroon for this occasion, at the head of a strong delegation.
The Ambassador of Cameroon in Germany, HEM NDOCKI Victor took part in the ceremony, surrounded by his collaborators, in accordance with the instructions of the Government which prescribed a permanent accompaniment of the traditional authorities.
Traditional dances and particularly moving rituals marked this day which will go down in the history of the NSO people and Cameroon.
Indeed, the Goddess NGONNSO, taken away nearly 120 years ago by the Germans during the Protectorate, is the founder of the NSO people. Her restitution was recently announced by the German authorities.
In addition to the visit to the Museum, the NSO FON paid a courtesy call on the Cameroonian Ambassador to Germany on Monday 14 November 2022. The latter was surrounded by his collaborators while his host was accompanied by his important delegation.
The cordial and constructive talks focused mainly on the collaboration between the Government, the Embassy and the communities within the framework of the restitution of cultural property looted during colonisation.
Finally, the King gave advice to the staff of AMBACAM Berlin so that they work for the influence of Cameroon through seriousness, professionalism and family spirit.

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