Conference organised on 27 November 2023 by the Embassy of Cameroon in Germany

On the prelude to the award ceremony for the German Africa Prize, the Embassy of Cameroon in the Federal Republic of Germany organised a conference aimed at raising awareness of Cameroon, in the presence of representatives of the German Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Economic Affairs, the curious, economic players and compatriots from the diaspora.
The theme was Cameroon: a land of opportunities.
During the session, a thirty-minute documentary film, specially produced by the Embassy with the collaboration of CRTV, was shown to the audience, who were totally won over by the images of Cameroon, presented in all its diversity, including interviews with certain political and economic players, which enabled participants to discover the enormous potential that our country offers to potential investors.
In the same vein, the Association of Cameroonian Computer Engineers in Germany (VKII E.v.) organised an Entrepreneurship Day on 28 November 2023 on the theme: The role of the Cameroonian diaspora and German SMEs in the national development strategy SND 2030.
All these activities enabled participants to obtain more information about Cameroon, which is generally presented as Africa in miniature.


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